Collage of Debbie Guneratne pictures

About Debbie Guneratne

Debbie is an inspirational storyteller and an internationally successful trainer.

Her unique, innovative and magnetic style has led her across the world to perform and train at the highest level.

Debbie was born on a ‘pearl in the Indian Ocean’, the island of Sri Lanka.  Her rich, diverse, cultural heritage manifests itself in all aspects of her work.

The Cobra Stone performance evolved from her father’s love and experience of handling snakes.

During MEC Global management training workshops, the stories told reflected the talents of the participants, as well as all the hard work and the fun.

Small Tales Storytelling Clubs, which were founded to train the storytellers of the future, recently celebrated Philip’s success. He completed his seven year storytelling apprenticeship and has just been accepted by RADA.

Clients Say

‘Your words have filled me so much that I feel I’m going away with a treasure box that I can open and relive these moments all over again.’

National Storytelling Festival, Australia

‘The small points you gave about how to deal with the unexpected during presentations, are invaluable and I will incorporate them into my future presentations.’

Research Scientist, UK

‘The kids loved it! They have achieved so much in this project. They had fun sharing their story strings in showing assembly. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and expertise.’

Head, Bewbush Primary School,
West Sussex Storytelling Project, UK

' The children thought you were fantastic, so did the teachers.  What came across were your sincerity and your passion.  It was very successful and we’d love you to come again.'

Literacy Coordinator, Thomas’ School,
London UK