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Corporate Work

RAISE YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE with the cutting edge, incisive and effective communication that our workshops provide.

We can transform your people into inspirational, motivational and persuasive speakers.

Integrated story telling and presentational skills take your business to new levels.

Our tailored workshops use the latest specialist techniques to enable you to provide:

  • Dynamic and memorable presentations
  • Effective conference speaking
  • Appropriate use of language to ensure decisive outcomes
  • Positive image promotion of your unique business
  • A global dimension

Your voice matters! Our training will hone your skills in the use of:

  • imagery …        to enhance the spoken work
  • tone, pitch and tempo …       to create impact and
  • effective use of body language …     to inspire trust and confidence.

Also provided is ‘OPEN DOORS’Become the hero in your life. An innovative and inspirational programme designed to support people back into work.

Since time immemorial human beings have communicated their great and small ideas through storytelling and great leaders throughout history have used story to inspire, persuade and motivate.

Our commitment to raising standards will enlighten leaders and is guaranteed to connect people with vision and strategy. Our involvement and delivery will enable development and change, whilst firmly holding onto core values.

For details of other programs available, see the workshops page.

Open Doors – Become the hero in your life

This is an innovative and inspirational programme designed to support people back into work.  The programme has been designed to change attitudes, promote positive thinking, raise self esteem and improve confidence whilst gaining new skills.

If you are interested in this programme, please contact me for further details.

Previous Clients include

English Heritage

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP


Ostara Australia

MEC Global


University of Derby

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

The British Council

1 – 1 training for Individual clients

Read "What my clients say"
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What our clients say

quote Thank you for making me look at things with ‘new eyes’. It has been inspiring! un-quote

Georg, MEC Global, Norway

quote Your workshop was an insight into the land of imagination and the minds of others. un-quote

Joanne (IT manager), UK

quote We need to think and act globally, but people tend to have more invested in their local ideas and ventures.

I think we need more time with storytelling, as at each conference we get to a point where people are opening up and thinking globally, then we go away and the skin grows over. So we have to start again. un-quote

Lee, Alternative Energy (BP), UK

quoteThe points you gave about how to deal with the unexpected during presentations, are invaluable and I will incorporate them into my future presentations. un-quote

Alex, Research Scientist, UK

quoteYou could hear a pin drop when you were reading the story. It was noticed by many that you only glanced at the words and that you gave eye contact to the group continually during your performance, you had everyone in the palm of your hand. Thank you for an excellent job. un-quote

Hilary, Senior PA, Freshfields, UK

quoteI moved the board away during my second presentation, as you suggested. Although I was nervous about losing the barrier between my audience and myself, I am amazed at the sense of freedom it gave me. We were connected in a different way, more direct and meaningful. un-quote

Erika, ICT Manager, UK