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My Clients Say

quote I see it all now; I’ve got the secret you were trying to show me! quote

Jack, Storyteller, Storytelling Master Class, Enniscorthy, Ireland

quote Debbie is able to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. quote

Carrie, Storytelling Symposium, UK

quote It was spellbinding. The atmospheric mix of storytelling and shadow puppetry had both adults and children enthralled. There is real artistry in this show. quote

Georgina Pope, Community Education Manager, Horniman Museum, London

quote Thank you for making me look at things with ‘new eyes’. It has been inspiring! quote

Georg, MEC Global, Norway

quote I couldn’t help myself, I found myself being drawn in, I was enthralled and I couldn’t get over the children’s faces. quote

Head, Sheilbaggin Primary School, Ireland

quote The children thought you were fantastic, so did the teachers. What came across were your sincerity and your passion. It was very successful and we’d love you to come again. quote

Nick, (Literacy Coordinator) Thomas’ School, London

quote Amazing voice, because the way you tell has a way of making the audience feel safe. quote

Steve Groccot, sound engineer, Irish Centre, London

quote Dear Debbie: Thank you so much for your storytelling. It touched me very deeply. You not only tell a story, you become the story and embody it and its characters. I love the way you vary the tone of your voice, inflection and the way your radiant presence captures the audience, both young and mature. Love and blessings, quote

Angela M Joseph, Staff Counsellor, St John Catholic School, San Lorenzo, California, USA

quote Your words transported me to a world of magic as I took each step of the journey quote

Lucy at Festival at the Edge, UK

quote I found the story of Sita so moving. It was a part of the Ramayana that I did not know! quote

Sharon Jacksties, storyteller, Story Night at Torriano, London

quote I am dancing to your words! quote

Minnie (5 yrs) at E:merge festival, UK

quote We need to think and act globally, but people tend to have more invested in their local ideas and ventures. I think we need more time with storytelling, as at each conference we get to a point where people are opening up and thinking globally, then we go away and the skin grows over. So we have to start again. quote

Lee, Alternative Energy (BP)

quote I like the way you move. I like your voice, the words you use. I like to listen to your voice, it makes me feel calm. quote

TUUP, Storyteller, Sundiata performance (adults), London

quote The points you gave about how to deal with the unexpected during presentations, are invaluable and I will incorporate them into my future presentations. quote

Alex, Research Scientist

quote I’ve always wanted to wear a sari – it’s been a dream of mine – and to have you drape it around me as you told the Sari story, well I felt so special and at my age it isn’t often you feel that way. quote

Julie, grandma and carer, Horniman Museum, London

quote The whole of Sussex/Surrey is pleased with your work. quote

Ben Haggarty, Storyteller, Re West Sussex Storytelling Project

quote It’s brilliant! I wish I could take a piece of you to keep here. quote

Teacher, Galbally Primary School, Enniscorthy, Ireland

quote Your workshop was an insight into the land of imagination and the minds of others. quote

Joanne (ICT manager), Opening Doors workshop, UK

quote Fantastic stories, I really enjoyed it. I don’t tell stories to my kids because my dad was a great storyteller and I can’t be like him, but you’ve made me confident enough to try. quote

Steve (dad), Lakeside Community Primary School, ‘Starting with Stories’ project, Derby

quote You told your story with your heart, your mind, your eyes and your body. It’s important for people to hear you tell your stories, for they don’t fell confident telling theirs, it encourages them to tell their story. quote

SATHI group leader, Promoting Happy Heart and Mind event, Loughborough

quote The stories were jewels which you made into a necklace! Everyone ended with a necklace of their own. quote

Sally, Story Garden, San Francisco

quote I moved the board away during my second presentation, as you suggested. Although I was nervous about losing the barrier between my audience and myself, I am amazed at the sense of freedom it gave me. We were connected in a different way, more direct and meaningful. quote

Erika, ICT Manager

quote Your words have filled me so much that I feel I’m going away with a treasure box that I can open and relive these moments all over again. quote

Brenda at National Storytelling Festival, Australia

quote You are magical. What a treat it is for us having you here. Our children are mesmerised! quote

Rida, 3rd Grade Teacher, St John’s School, San Lorenzo, California, USA

quoteWe wanted our son to hear the stories that we were told when we were growing up, but it was in a school lesson so I don’t remember much, this is so much better, beautiful and an introduction to the Ramayana.quote

Baldev, father of 4 yr old, Asian group, Horniman Museum, London

quote I'm an anaesthetist, and I was assisting in a difficult childbirth. I told the woman "Talk to me" and she told me that there was a really wonderful storyteller at the National Portrait Gallery who wove science and story and I should come along and hear her. So here I am and she was right. You are amazing. quote

Christine, Storytelling at the National Portrait Gallery, London

quote Dear Debbie: Thank you so much for sharing your storytelling gift and the stories you gave to our kids this week. You are an amazing woman. I loved being with you this week, to be able to sit on the edge of my seat and to watch the kids’ faces! I am so happy that you shared the story of your life in your storytelling. Much gratitude and love, quote

Sister Kathleen, Catholic Schools Association, San Francisco, USA

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quote Debbie Guneratne's "Cobra Stone” is a real jewel. It was a great atmosphere and people really loved it. Let’s hope she makes a recording. un-quote

Lesley at Camden Ceilidh

quote I thought it was great that you gave space after each of your stories – you allowed the children and adults time for reflection – you gave us time to breathe. un-quote

Naomi Wilds, Community Arts Officer, Brewhouse, Burton upon Trent

quote I thought the idea that we all have a diamond inside us was great, especially good for our Year 7 students to hear. I watched their faces light up! un-quote

Sally, Deputy Head, Plashet School, London

quote I really enjoyed hearing you tell the stories. I had not heard them before. They are so rich and beautiful and really need to be told. The way you told them makes me want to tell them too! un-quote

Sarah, storyteller, Story Night at Torriano, London

quote Thank you for all you do. It’s been wonderful. I have so enjoyed it all and the confidence in me has so increased. I would normally consider myself shy, but that has just disappeared in the group. un-quote

Dorothy, Tiny Tales project, East Staffordshire

quote Debbie is very skilled; she knows exactly which buttons to press. un-quote

Librarian interpreter, Promoting Happy Heart and Mind event, Loughborough

quote I really liked the way the real life snake stories of your father were told, the warmth and humour contrasted and added to the shape shifting Naga world. un-quote

Dan at FATE

quote It was a beautiful evening. It isn’t often you meet a real storyteller and I feel that I did so tonight. un-quote

Peter at Ashdown Forest Storytelling Club

quote I could stay here forever! If there is one of these again I’ll come. I wish it didn’t have to end. un-quote

B Snell (8yrs), Derby Literature Festival workshop, Derby

quote Great performance, both mystical and theatrical. un-quote

Steve, film producer, Irish Centre, London

quote Thank you for a beautiful evening. I really like the link to nature and the way the whole performance was crafted, going back to the beginning from the end. un-quote

Leila at Ashdown Forest Storytelling Club

quote You are like a spring of fresh water falling over me – refreshing and clear, invigorating and inspiring, pulling us out of a rut! un-quote

Barbara, CP Storytelling and Shadow Puppetry Project, Brookfield Primary, Mansfield

quote The children were enchanted. The silence at the end showed they had been transported to another world. un-quote

Jenni Richards, Deputy Head, Pickhurst Infants School, Kent

quote First I laughed when the prince began to sing, then I felt like crying. You make me feel when you tell your stories. un-quote

Ali (7 yrs), ‘Word Alive’ project, The Royal National Theatre, London

quote Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the stories. You took us all, especially the children, to another world. un-quote

Raminder, Teacher, Indian Tales, Horniman Museum, London

quote It’s great the way the children have to use their voices, minds and bodies. I shall definitely use the ideas when we create stories. un-quote

Liz, teacher and Literacy co-ordinator, London

quote I think you’re beautiful and your stories are brilliant! un-quote

Shauna (8yrs and was shaking with excitement), Caim Primary School, Enniscorthy, Ireland

quote Thank you for taking me on such a wonderful journey. un-quote

Sarah at Ashdown Forest Storytelling Club

quote I’d rather be listening to stories and doing origami. What a great way to start the day! un-quote

Simon, Head teacher, Lakeside Community Primary School, ‘Starting with Stories’ project, Derby

quote I wish my mum would dress me in rainbow colours and make me a house cake so that I can run in and out of chocolate rooms! un-quote

Ellie (6 yrs) at Amber Valley Multicultural Day, Derbyshire

quoteI think you are mesmerising! un-quote

Pennie, Arena project, Bournemouth

quote The kids didn’t want to come and yet I’ve seen something I didn’t expect. One of the boys is very hyperactive, but he sat still, listened and asked questions. I’m going to suggest we have more storytelling in our school. un-quote

Teacher, Vocational School, Wexford, at Wexford Library, Ireland